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thin mint longing

I would count yesterday as a day of food virtue, but for one thing. I enjoyed my Subway sandwich, cognizant of the kind of thinking that makes an odd man named Jared appear in commercials, showing how baggy his pants used to be before he discovered subway. I carefully avoided the miniature candy bars in the office front reception dish. I ate a reasonably healthy roasted-not-fried chicken meal for dinner. But then there is the matter of the Girl Scout cookies. A box of Girl Scout Cookies sat invitingly on the little round kitchen table of my office's tiny kitchen area. It was but the work of moment after moment to have a few of the cookies. The road to Hell is paved with Girl Scout Cookies. Still, I am out of the mode in which I am inclined to use chocolate as an grief-assuaging anti-depressant, and thus expect to make progress on my goal of losing twelve pounds this year.

I found out yesterday that for reasons attributable to an opposing counsel's unfortunate grief, I will not have to travel to Los Angeles for a court appearance on Friday. While I was looking forward to the court appearance on Friday--an interesting set of issues--I am glad to be home. My wife's sister, her husband, and my wonderful niece are arriving Friday evening. While I have zoo longings, I think we're in fact going to stay closer to home than the zoo. I have not been to the zoo here in years, though, and the zoo here is now more interesting, because it is accessible by comfortable and convenient train. I know some are anti-zoo, for justifiable reasons, but I am pro-zoo, provided a zoo provides good habitat.

My song "Robot Breakfast" peaked out at number 4 on the "Electronica: Noise" subchart,
indicating to me that effective promotion can put me on the top 10 of that chart, but that number 1 is a more difficult nut to crack. It's amazing, though, what a little promotion can do. I had a cool drawing done for an icon for the song. This drawing, with effective captioning, sent the number of folks visiting the song dramatically higher than the experimental ad I ran in the past. I also ran an eBay ad for my CD, figuring that nothing gets more traffic, and then invited eBay visitors to "sample the merchandise" at the site. This generated the almost instant bid, but has not generated as much traffic as I'd hoped. People here, of course, were very kind and visited, but I'm also glad that the numbers visiting the soundclick site exceed my usual weblog readership.

In my exuberance over getting a couple of poems published, I put "Chess Poems for the Tournament Player" up for auction again. While in the old days, it would have peaks and lulls, now the chapbook usually sells when I auction it. I added to that ad the link to the two on-line poetry journals, both to let potential purchasers sample the poems, but also to steer traffic to the journals that have been kind enough to publish me. I've already had a bidder for the chapbook, which makes me glad. I am in a mood to connect better with local folks who write and create. I figured that the best way to do this is to get a little publicity for the fact that I like to write. So I tried something I've never done before--I contacted the local paper on the topic. I had had good luck without trying very hard getting my chess tournament covered last year (the convention center did that, showing me it could be done), so I figured that it was worth a try here. It felt suitably silly to do, that at least I got to try something new and different. We'll see if it pays off.

I used to think it was so hard to market myself, but opening my own law firm with friends taught me otherwise. I fit into different molds than do some--but the molds into which I fit still can be used for, say, German chocolate cake or mustard ring.

A great number of people on my reading list face personal or family health crises now. I know how hard such things can be, and can only hope for the best for everyone.

The sky outside my window is a Summer blue, as we enter the phase in which the weather is either gorgeous or gorgeous but rainy. Late Winter and early Spring in north Texas rival mid-Autumn for sheer glory--warm but not hot days, lots of things in bloom, and a freshness in the air. I love jonquils in bloom--last weekend my folks' hometown Camden, which is having its Daffodil Festival next week, was awash in jonquils and other daffodils.

I want to get the universe solved at work this week, and then explore a new universe next week.
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