Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Beauty College Student

The Fairfield Review publishes in wintry Connecticut, in which an early March publication date deserves the issue name "Winter 2005" in fact as well as in form.

Last year, I submitted "The Beauty College Student" for publication in that on-line poetry journal. Tonight the poem appears in the Winter 2005 issue of the magazine, available on-line. I felt that this poem was a winner when I wrote it. I am pleased to see it published, because it is in the "light, mildly comic free verse" form which is the most fun for me to write as a poet. I sing the body suburbia.

For those who might enjoy a trip back to academia, via Beauty College, the poem may be read on-line at
this location.

I really like Sarah Sloat's "Waterfalls" in this issue, as well, and encourage folks to read the rest of the poets in this magazine. The folks at Fairfield Review run a really professional operation, and also save the world in their day jobs, so it's a fun thing that I got published there.

This energizes me to resume submitting for publication. I'm also eager to help others follow through on the writing project posts elsewhere in this journal. But tonight I am just pleased that someone was kind enough to publish one of mine.
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