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The auto shop replaced my CD player, but quoted me a price sufficiently high enough for the minor detailing my car needs to ensure I will not use their services. The service fellow knew that when he quoted the price, as he said they referred people to a detailer they used. I was not disappointed--when something is arguably outside the warranty, one presents it to the dealer to see if it will be done as a courtesy, and then one smiles and moves on. I will find one of those inexpensive but fun detailers for the minor scratches and paint touch-up.

I went last night to the Garland Bar Assocation, where the County Court at Law judges spoke. I actually appear sometimes in these courts, so I regretted not being in a suit, a bit. I enjoyed talking to my fellow Garland bar lawyers. One is finishing a documentary, which interests me.

I took advantage of my new CD player to listen to mgriffin's new CD, "Sounds are Hidden Inside Objects". Mike Griffin is a minor hero of mine, because he founded the record label. Hypnos releases CDs in the ambient field, usually more "space music" but sometimes also "dark ambient" and, thankfully never or rarely "new age". My ambient tastes run more to sound in space than scraping in imagined hells, more to cerebral than tribal, and more to distilled melody than pure dissonance. But that's not to say that I don't enjoy a tribal pounding of hellish dissonant noise from time to time. I like sound as sound, as ambient music folk are fond of saying. I like what mgriffin has done with hypnos, because he pretty much invented a label from whole cloth, and runs it with as much class as any major label, but far more verve.

Tomorrow I go with my brother to visit my father. Yesterday I got cool song icons. I am almost ready for my attempt to blitz the soundclick charts. Last night I did well at on-line blitz chess. Maybe someday my skills will return. I like the expression "mad skillz", but not as well as I like chess.

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