Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fried Pies

The kind people at Prairie Poetry published a poem of mine today, entitled "Fried Pies". It's about Gainesville, Texas, a town itself on the edge of the southern border of the blackland prairie, about forty miles northwest of where I live. They had a townsfolk circus at Gainesville,and they have a fried pie factory right on Main Street, and they had a bit of history I set out in the poem.

If you'd like to read my poem, go to here, and click on my poem, "Fried Pies". I like Prairie Poetry, which does poetry with a regional theme well, so I recommend the entire on-line magazine. Although, as usual, my own work is not as impressive as many of the other things there, I think it's good to buy the smallest house in the nicest neighborhood.
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