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Good News is always Served on Sunday

"Thank you for your interest in [fun regional on-line litmag].
We appreciate the opportunity to share your work with others.
Your poem below will appear in an upcoming issue of [said Litmag] as
soon as the next edition and as late as September 2005. Timing has not
yet been determined".--today's e mail received.

We went with the kids to church, where the sermon involved someone I'd never heard of, who died of cancer after a noble struggle. Isn't it funny how you only hear what you live? We went to brunch at Mimi's. We went to the mall. I bought Poets and Writers magazine's current issue. When we returned, I got the above-quoted e mail. Another e mail, from the author of the software Musedit, asked if he could link to my song "Trinity Trail" to show what his software could do with MIDI ambience.

I listened to Lisa Debenedictis' wonderful new album, "Tigers". Lisa's voice gets better with each song--she's really finding herself now, and it's fun to hear. Lisa's songs are posted both at magnatune and at soundclick, for those who like to hear things on line. I envy her home production skills, but with musedit and my MIDI/Mp3 conversion software, I figure I'll soon be improving my own. Still, I am only in it for the fun. I just hope when she's famous, she gets a chess trainer who will teach her how to handle the d4 openings. A clever mind is a terrible thing to waste when facing the Colle System. Meanwhile, my blitz rating is about that of a 7 year old's.

Now I am about to drive to rural north Texas, to send my nephews from Heaven to Home. We had great fun, and they are such gentlemen. I am very tired, but Diet Coke still has caffeine, and the radio still plays that forgotten song.
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