Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

flying giant crows

"I hiked Sister Grove Park in rural Collin County today. The weather was warm--mid 70s. The park still had its winter face on--dead thistle and brown, tall grasses punctuated by the green cedars. I took pictures of plants, of flying giant crows, of the lake and clouds--perhaps some will become mail art postcards. I visited the Princeton Flea Market, great prices, right in front of the trailer park, didn't buy anything. I mailed out two copies of my book to ebay buyers. It's nearly time to write another"--from a journal entry, February 24, 2002

I note that I mark three years of keeping a weblog today. I find, some 1600 journal posts and nearly 20,000 comments posted later, that I still very much enjoy the fun of self-publishing in this interactive way.

Thanks to my LiveJournal friends, my song "Trinity Trail" is now Number 31 on the Electronica: Mellow Sounds chart at Other songs and poems and silliness has gotten constant encouragement, and sometime needed parade rain.

Thanks to my LiveJournal friends, I have generated a tremendous amount of poetry and creative writing in the last three years, most of it bad,
a trifle of it good, and a couple of things even published. As finding the discipline to complete and submit is always my challenge, the exercise of near-daily writing has been very good for me. It's been a good process for self-discipline in general, at home, at work, at play.

I am most grateful for the many friendships I've made through LiveJournal. When I began my weblog, I thought of it as a writing exercise only. I never dreamed I'd meet so many fun and kind people. So, thank you all for that. I have read cool posts, great poems, seen wonderful art, and noticed how the world falls apart and comes together for so many people in so many ways.

I see LiveJournal as one phase of a transition to further internet connectivity, in the same way that, say, Compuserve forums and internet message boards and even the dreaded AOL chat rooms used to serve that function. I think that the changes wrought by the internet in general and weblog culture in particular are striking and remarkable.

I can readily think of dozens of people on my reading list whom I wished I knew far better than I know now, and a dozen or two more whom I am thrilled to know as well as I do. I also find that I read many journals and enjoy so many of them.

Three years is a long time, or not a long time, depending on how you look at it. But it's been a fun ride, and I'm not unhorsed yet.
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