Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The National Dog Biscuit Day Game

Today, February 23, is National Dog Biscuit Day. How do I know that? The internet told me. Every day should have its dog, and every dog's holiday should be celebrated, preferably in the day's afternoon.

I propose, therefore, a game. If you reply to this message with the simple, typewritten word "Arf!", I will, within 24 hours of receiving your bark,
ask you to write me a paragraph. The assignment might (but will not) go like this:

"In the comments, please write me a paragraph about a dog biscuit which went to the Metropolitan Opera House in Detroit, and what happened next".

You then celebrate the day within 24 hours by writing just such a comment.
When we are done, we will have a series of dog biscuits in the comments strewn about the world in all sorts of fascinating situations.

I am not much for rules, but here are a few. One, if you'll pardon the observation, a dog biscuit game is so silly that any premeditation as to replies is strictly discouraged. Two, to keep this space biscuit-friendly,
I suggest that the use of the dog biscuit as a metaphor or stand-in for various innuendoes is a somewhat tired device (and I will omit the self-serving statement about how there are more things on Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than your biscuit science can devise). Finally, write with glee, write with abandon, and don't worry that you're really a cat person.

So, Arf? Yes, Arf! Within a day or two, we should be up to the gills in biscuit prose!
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