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Melodic use of insomnia

I completed my first ambient work using the music notation software I got in the mail last weekend. It's called "Trinity Trail". The sound differs a great deal from the more noise-oriented and mildly "darker" things I recorded prior to this work. Further, and perhaps sadly, no kazoos were sacrificed in the making of this work. The piece required no mixing, but merely required composition, setting up the MIDI voice, recording the MIDI to mp3, and uploading the work to the site. The biggest challenge has been getting the right picture to appear on the site.

Rather than being particularly quirky or experimental, the work aims for a slow, gentle, hymn-like purity, a simplicity both slightly minimal and hopefully a bit evocative. It's not a complex work, but a pleasant hike in diatonic, melodic sound. It's the aural equivalent of a tuneful chord meditation on an autoharp, except that autoharps don't have MIDI voice settings called "Goblin".

I love to hike the literal Trinity Trail, whose nine miles take me past cedars, rolling hills, a lake,
tiger swallowtails, and crying crows. If you'd like to visit my metaphoric "Trinity Trail", at no cost and with no need for plane tickets, feel free to click into my soundclick site, and click on the song "Trinity Trail".

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