Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the watcher in the skies

Lately I have been on a CD-buying jag, seeking out things a bit obscure and rewarding. Last night I popped out a new CD which features the sonic wonders of rendered object code, or some other similar thing. The CD proved to be not round, but a four-square, rhombic shape. I popped it in my car CD player. It began to bob in and out of the player, without playing. I assumed I must have put it in wrong, so I turned it about a bit. Soon it moved about as if it were playing a game, with a corner of the CD appearing and then disappearing. When I reached to pull it out, it pulled back. Finally, through exertion, I eased it out. Then my CD player wouldn't play any disks, instead politely ejecting them back to me.

I suspect that my manufacturer's warranty may not cover "I put an odd CD in", but I'll take it to the dealer and see. If I must pay for the repair, then I will have to decide whether to repair or to get an after-market really cool CD player. My car CD has been very good for me, getting me back into music listening in a big way.

Last night I played blitz chess at the Free Internet Chess Server. My blitz play remains unimpressive, but I picked up a few rating points. I've begun playing the b3 systems again, usually leading into them with e3 and c4. I change my openings the way some people change shirts. I wish I had a Hawaiian opening, brightly colored and a bit outrageous.

I want to write poetry tonight, but only after a day of vigorous work. I'm energized to make more submissions,and enter more contests. I will subscribe to "poets and writers" magazine and do a great deal more than I do. A few folks have sent me their work from the writing prompt exercise, which has been fun to read. I enjoy reading creative material, and daydreaming about how to get it sold.

My song "Mind the Gap" has garnered less activity at than the previous uploads. I changed its category from Electronica: Experimental to Electronica: Noise, to see if that makes a difference. I looked at the message board in which people do what the site admirably calls "blatant self-promotion". I think that there is a virtue to blatant self-promotion of a hobby, within the confines of courtesy and netiquette, but I did not post to the board. I'm intrigued by how many artists have the word "DJ" in their handle, and how many songs quote sci fi novels or use the letter zed in repetition for dramatic effect. I think I'm going to start naming my songs after north Texas landmarks. I'd rather listen to "Park Hill Prairie" than "Lord of the Darkling Starfields".

This morning I arose at 5 a.m. and took my dog Teddy for a walk. I'm very conscious that she needs more play now that she is the only dog in our household. I love that in the early morning hours a kind of clarity comes to me, and I know how I really feel. I feel a little raw right now, a good bit sad. The fountain on the park pond was lit. A cormorant swam in the pond, its shape distinguishable in the fountain lights. The moon was full. The planet Jupiter shone brightly overhead. A small dog, behind a fence, barked incessantly.
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