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on world domination

Lately I've been thinking that I need to start an LJ community. I guess what got me across the border into serious thought was reading yet another of those LJ communities in which bashing other folks' journals who request "reviews" (or bashing) is the theme of the community. At least this one was somewhat more amusing (and, granted, "rating is voluntary") than the earlier one which involved making fun of userpics (rhetorical question for the LJ universe: what does "this journal has been deleted for violation of LJ guidelines mean?") The problem is that my idea of community building is less about knowing something We All Should Have in Common and more about the sheer vanity of being a community moderator. I love user bios that say "check out my community, FrigginIron, a place for welders to post poetry", or "I post my novel in GreatAm, my political essays in XoffGW and my friends all know to check out the latest on my navel pierce in my new community, Gutneedle".

I like to join other peoples' communities. I am part of one community where we are all do-gooders, changeyourworld, only the only good we seem to do is to post "hi, I am a do-gooder" posts when we join.
Obviously, I could do something to change my world and post it in that community instead of writing silly LJ critical posts here and fix that.

I posted my favorite "feeder guppy rescue" story to the guppies community, but I've been disappointed that we don't get more "platy pride" or other livebearer sagas. astrotheism, the religion founded by jupitergarden, a teen from the UK, is a great community, fun to post in, fun to read, but my theological bent really doesn't run into many insightful comments on "we are all made of the same dust as stars".

So now I'm thinking that the way I can win friends and influence people is to found a community. Maybe I would be popular, like that semester in college.
Maybe I'd be seen as erudite, like that time in law school. Maybe nobody would join (like all of high school). There's a big world out there in LJ, and all I need is a hook, a chance, an angle.

Yes, I could BE somebody...that's all I want to be.
Somebody. 'Cause otherwise, as Jerry Lewis repeatedly assured us, you're nobody and that's not somebody to be...
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