Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Vibrating Fields Remixed and Reduxed

One of the fun things I did with my friend Scott_M a while back was to record our CD, "Vibrating Electric Fields", a tinkertoy, romper-room excursion into "music", which I call "weirdbient", largely because it turned out more weird than ambient.

Since its release, I have sold a solid very tiny handful on eBay, where I still auction it sometimes for tsunami relief. In the meantime, though, the_outsider did a remix of several of the songs. I liked the remix so much that I finally activated my Soundclick mp3 site. If any of you wish to hear a little free ambient fun, feel free to check it out, download it, and vote "Hot!" (because who could resist?) at:

It takes that Romper Room sensibility, and moves it into the Jetsons era.

Many thanks to the_outsider for his excellent work here.
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