Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Madame Tussaud's Lesser Venue

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, a resort town dating back for decades, they have the hot spring baths, the alligator farm, and a trained animal place called the IQ Zoo. They have an outlet of Madame Tussaud's there. It's not like the one in London, all super-impressive. It's got more of an antique-shop, carny air. I liked the way the wax in the heat appeared to be sweating, when I was a kid. We used to go to Hot Springs on vacation, and stay in the Velda Rose Towers, which had a third floor heated swimming pool I thought better than anything. I didn't go often to the wax museum, but I remember historical figures, and also a wax Chamber of Horrors. It was almost as cool as Tiny Town, a huge storefront model train exhibit. I miss being able to eat pancakes at the German pancake place, and then see the wax figures, and ride the amphibious trucks, the Ducks, and then enjoy a swim.

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