Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

green jay

Last night I landed in McAllen quite late. I got my rental car, and stopped at the Country Breakfast place. Comfort food, in the form of scrambled eggs and pancakes, seemed just right to me. The newspaper featured a Cotillion in the Rio Grande Valley, with picture upon picture of debutantes being presented, all photographed in their snow-white gowns. I was pleased to see that the debutantes were diverse and not homogeneous.

This morning I rose before 6 a.m. and drove the rental car to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge for a quick walk before my court appearance. It was just after sunrise when I began to walk the trail. Everywhere birds sang--although the only song I could connect to a bird was that of the non-exotic grackle.

I passed by the substantial wetlands portion of the trail, where dozens and dozens of swimming ducks and geese with species names like "fulvous this" and "whistling that" reside. I saw a huge white heron standing on top of a 20 foot high birdhouse. I thought of getting a telephoto lens someday, as I do not find throwaway cameras of any use for such sights.

When I was about to exit the place, a flock of green jays landed right in front of me. Green jays are like blue jays, only emerald green, except for their heads, which are a very rich blue admixed with a darker color. Then I saw a flock of red-wing blackbirds. I left the place as the birders arrived, a strange species with huge camera apparati, including, no doubt, telephoto lens.

After my hearing, I stopped in Kinko's to pick up e mails. I love the way that e mails can progress in one's absence, telling a story all their own. I drafted a new bio for my law firm webpage, which we are updating. I ate a cinnamon twist a Shipley's Donuts which was so fresh that I was transported.

I drove to the airport. Budget Car Rental told me that I could drop the car at the airport. I was to look for the box for "Budget Rent a Car". I wandered the small airport lobby, seeking out this box. Finally, it turned out to be at the American Airlines desk. It was made of tupperware, and it measured roughly 4 inches by 4 inches.

The plane back arrived early. I'm back in my office again.

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