Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

plans and schemes

Today I take my dogs to the veternarian, so that they can get updated on the things that go out of date, and tested on the things that they can't study to prepare for examination. Once I arrive at work, I have numerous things to draft. Tonight I fly to McAllen for a Wednesday morning hearing. Perhaps tomorrow I'll arise early, and go to the wild bird refuge. I got an e mail that my music notation software is being shipped on Wednesday. I need to buy more stamps. All I need is four more hours to each day, added without accompanying fatigue. I tried the new Tuscan chicken at Boston Market. I watched a crime scene show last night in which not a single plot detail proved plausible in any respect. The rainfall stopped. I like the constellation Orion, because it has a nebula one can see with the naked eye. I also count Pleiades. It's appealing, this idea of being led to lay down in green meadows. Childhood ends when clouds mark weather rather than shapes. I need to mail out the third poetry submission I prepared. There's even time for raisin bran before work.
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