Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

roughly no skills

"I'm just a person of roughly no skills who enjoys watching birds and catching sunfish".--from a journal entry, February 2, 2003.

Today things moved at a hectic pace, from the time I got to work until the time I left for home. The weather report promised snow tonight, but the night wears on and no snow appears. My travel tomorrow got moved to Dallas instead of Houston, which makes me happy. We ate dinner at Mimi's Cafe, and puzzled out the absurdity of things.I got a great CD in the mail courtesy of chevrefeuilles, which enlivened my morning commute--anything with traditional tunes, kazoos and slide whistles cannot be bad. I got so many cool prompts for my "poetry prompt" post that I think I will do them in gurdonpoems, as kelquestor proposed, so that each poem can be written with its prompt donor and prompt-text cited. asphalteden asked me just what a poetry prompt is, and I confess I have no real idea.I do not need to understand the things I do--it's easier to do without skills and catch sunfish. I like the theme from Rawhide: "Don't try to understand 'em, just rope and throw and brand 'em".I thought this morning about rampaging Australian magpies, I thought this afternoon about how "" words would all look better rendered "...cey", and I'm thinking this evening about how when the musical notation software which I bought on eBay arrives, I will be note-for-note a real musical composer.I also thought that if I buy 8 tone diatonic glockenspiel music,I can also play it on the dulcimer. Tomorrow I hope I do not have to think how to drive in the 5 a.m. remainders of a late surprise midnight snow.

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