Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sheets of rain foretold

I rose at dawn to get to my office to get work done before my morning work as a lawyer representing a client at a mediation. The mediation took place at a cool house converted into mediation conference rooms. I stopped off at Colter's barbecue for chicken on my way back from the mediation. I spent time I had counted on for one thing dealing with another. I learned new facts, and thought new thoughts. It's great to live in a land without boredom.

In the late afternoon, a wave of sadness set in, like one of the winter fronts that keeps descending from the panhandle, knocking Buddy Holly out of the sky, and causing me to feel sleepy sad, just like Dorothy in the poppy field ("there's no place like home, there's no place like home"). I finished work at 6:30, and spent my drive time on my cell phone lining up the key things to do for the next two days. The toll of weekend driving, stresses here and there, and a sense of burden overtook me, but now I am back at equanimity. My equanimity matters to me--I can't control so very many things, but sometimes I can control how I process things.

When I arrived home, my wife was making chili. She handed me a box of corn muffin mix, and suggested I make muffins. I mixed the egg and the mix and the milk, and used a spoon with the grace of a gibbon to create a lumpy-wonderful mix. I spooned the mix into little cupcake cups, prior to baking the muffins for 18 minutes. They tasted wonderful. The chili came out very cayenne, refreshingly hot, but too hot. One can only be refreshed so much at a time. We watched Everwood, where Colorado mountains played in the backing camera shots. We might get snow tomorrow. I must fly to Houston Wednesday.

Yet another "Vibrating Electric Fields" CD sold for tsunami relief, which makes me happy. I like to
see the CD circulate, and the money should go to people who need it. I have this cool idea to publish chess opening chapbooks, just like the old Chess Digest publishing house back when it was cool. Everyone is so into databases now, but I miss old-fashioned "quick and dirty and cheap" opening chapbooks.

The Feeder Guppy Rescue League yahoo group keeps drawing new members. It's funny how things can grow out of nothing, like cactus in a desert. I have room on my little plant tray in the window for another tiny cactus. Perhaps that's the way to measure life--will one more cactus fit in the little spaces in my life?

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