Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

arkansas, by the numbers

1. hawk count on drive: 5 hawks, one kestrel
2. number of music boxes purchased from antique store because I could not figure out if the scratch took place when I accidentally knocked it down reaching for the used REM CD or if it was already there, and I did not want to have the owner have to be kind and say it didn't matter: 1
3. Amount of rain during drive: 0
4. Pieces of fried catfish consumed: 4
5. oatmeal cream cookies eaten: 2
6. naps taken: 1
7. books about the lives of a family of Virginia women commenced: 1
8. temperature: 42
9. walk taken: 1, 1 hour
10. family members seen: 3
11. Eggplant casserole prepared by father, pieces consumed: 1
12. points by which Razorbacks lost to Kentucky, in a game in which I was the only person located in the State of Arkansas not watching: 1
13. number of swallowtails in my teen butterfly box: 3
14. number of times tricked by eBay fake suspension e-mail: 1
15. number of quick trips to eBay to change all password information upon realizing error: 1
16. percentage of contentment: 99 (but a bit 1 for things I can't change or need to work to change)
17. AM garden show radio listening: 2 hours
18. triumphant listens to "Flight of the Valkyries" on FM, as the car flew across the Red River Bridge: 1
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