Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

migrating warblers

Today I rested a good bit, recovering from a week of travel. The weather remained cold but proved windless, so I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine in the nearby pocket park. Flocks of birds were in the bare trees--one set of things I call warblers (but may in fact be anything) and one set of birds I call titmouses (but similarly may be something else). I wondered if they are going south or north.

I am beginning to focus on writing poetry in a larger way again, so that I suppose my recent writing game hubris may hold the prospect of generating actual results. Also, I promised myself and another months ago that I would write a short story for publication. I have never written much in the short story line, other than for fun, but I mean to remedy that, too. I notice that I have now gotten 1,000 "helpful" votes as an Amazon reviewer, despite record numbers of typographic errors in the reviews.

This week my work remains busy, and at week's end I must go west for a quick business trip. This seems to be my year of quick business trips thus far. In the meantime, I am working through Dickens' Pickwick Papers and plotting new sales on eBay.

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