Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The story of the intrepid seven (or runes and graph paper and a rubric)

"Hanging is suicide;death by sleeping pills is suicide;leaping into fire is suicide;falling spreadeagle from heights is suicide; war is suicide; accepting authoritarian demands is suicide; feigned emotions and loves are suicide; existence without human feeling is suicide; cynical impossible demands is suicide; self-abjection is; self-aggrandisement is; passivity is; performing the expected is; becoming a martyr for half-felt ideals is; the sheep's life is....".
--from Michael McClure's "Meat Science"

Seven kind souls girded up their loins and their "post comment keys" and participated in the gurdonark Game, a kind of trivial trivia poll amounting to a true/false examination about the above-referenced journal author.

I found the most challenging portion of this poll to be the "grading" of the answers, but with the help of Corel Wordperfect's Create Table function and a series of check marks, I have avoided the indignity of having an Excel spreadsheet rendered necessary for small feats of simple addition and graphing.

The result of the poll was a three-way-tie, at seventy percent, or 14, questions correctly answered. The winners are mvpo, poetbear and theodicy, each of whom shall be sent an appropriate book or other trifle to commemorate their success. I believe I have the relevant addresses, and instruct those esteemed champions to observe their personal mailboxes.

I was pleased that everyone did so well, as even the least finisher did quite well.
I look with regret at my questions, seeing no Pulitzer prizes, twentysomething encounters with starlets, or service as saints-in-waiting among my life's events, but
we all must be boring at my own pace. I'm sitting with an old poetry journal called Maxy's, from 1980, in my lap, wondering where the words go when the print fades.

Thanks for everyone for playing, and to close friends and family for self-disqualification and to gadfly friends who commented without guessing for their quick withs and and appreciated comic relief.

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