Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


When they did the pat-down search at the McAllen Airport, I was sedate, being on time for my flight. When I forgot to put my driver's license into my wallet, I was being oblivious, being gurdonark. When I found yesterday afternoon it was missing from my wallet, I was hopeful that it would turn up in a suit pocket or a briefcase pouch, the kinds of places I might unthinkingly put it. When this morning I figured out it was in none of the above, I was worried, as I must travel to North Carolina tomorrow afternoon for a Friday deposition, and the logistics of car rental without driver's licenses, while not unsolvable, are not ideal. When I read that I'd have to have forms of ID I do not keep at work to get a replacement at the local Department of Public Safety, I was almost worried. When I called SSI for a replacement Social Security Card, I was bored. When I spoke with the McAllen airport, which did not have it, I was concerned. When I spoke with American Airlines, I was impressed with the person's helpfulness, courtesy, and kindness. When she told me they had my license, and how to get it back today, I was thankful.
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