Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Gurdonark Guessing Game, a familiar pop quiz

I've had such fun with one meme lately, thanks to all of you and your intrinsic cool. Let's try a less interactive meme. I set forth below the Gurdonark Pop Quiz. I have set forth 11 true things about me and 9 false things. If you wish to play, answer with the 11 true things--just set out the 11 numbers of the things that are true!

High score gets a used book or other worthless prize. All answers must be in by
Friday at midnight CST! What percentage of Gurdonark facts can you get right?

1. I won the FFA "junior farmer gold ribbon" award at the Clark County Fair for the best long-haired goat, which I raised outside town at a friend's.
2. I won the cartoon competition in the newspaper by captioning a surly luncheonette sketch with the slogan "I haven't served you yet".
3. I was born on an Air Force base.
4. I turned down a chance to go to Harvard so that I could go to the University of Arkansas.
5. I finished in the top five percent of my class in law school.
6. I have one brother and one sister.
7. I went to law school to cause my father to lose a bet.
8. I appeared on television as a 12 year old, singing songs from "The King and I", while dressed as a faux Thai child.
9. I built a computer in college.
10. I flunked a basic COBOL programming class in college.
11. My wife is ten years younger than I am.
12. I am vice president of the Garland Bar Association.
13. I used to be a section leader of a forum on Compuserve.
14. I am the secretary/treasurer of our neighborhood homeowners' association.
15. I wrote a novel during the National novel writing month in 2002.
16. I am estranged from my last surviving grandparent.
17. I am adopted.
18. The secret luxury I own about which I never journal is my MGB roadster. I hate the idea of seeming "rich" enough to have a fun car.
19. asphalteden and I are third cousins
20. When I was four, I won the Little Mr. South Arkansas pageant, because my parents put more change in the charity jar by my picture than the other parents did.
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