Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

altamira oriole

Today I got up at dawn, prior to my court hearing, and visited again the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, just above the Mexican border. I saw many tropical birds. When I first arrived at the park, a great kiskadee was near the visitor center. As I walked down a trail, I saw a spectacular green jay. I also saw a really cool-looking
altamira oriole, as well as numerous female chacalaca. The park had tons of good information, such that I can reel out all the names in this post as if I knew them all before I visited. I must go back in butterfly season, to see the numerous species on offer.

A couple of people walked by and said "hi" as I arrived at the park. They then continued to speak in a European language I did not recognize. Then I heard them tell the ranger they were Belgian, so I guessed the unknown language was Flemish. They had huge telephoto lens. I had a throwaway camera. I love birdsong. Now I love forty degree weather, back home again.

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