Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

gamelan resonating in a tract home

Forrest Fang's Gongland lived up to its advance praise. It's ambient music with heavy Indonesian gamelan influence, well worth owning. We sat on our postage stamp back patio watching lightning bugs in our postcard back yard while the sun set orange through purple storm cloud skies, and the sounds of synthesizers disguised as gamelans created a mist of pleasant ambience for everything.

I need to get more music. I have that Mountain Goats' new CD I still haven't purchased, I want to get that R. Stevie Moore with "Fletcher Honorama" on it, and I want to get 10 CDs from people I never heard of from If you're going to talk the "support indies" talk,
you gotta walk the "buy their CDs" walk, otherwise, you're just one more poet submitting to a magazine which you've never purchased.
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