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This morning I woke early to format poems for the chapbook competition I wish to enter. It's always fun to read, edit and select from a swath of past work, because of the delightful wince factor. Better than pickles. I like the resulting set of poetry, after paring pickles, all of them poems written in the past three years, since I got my LiveJournal. My poems written count for the five years prior to starting a LiveJournal was roughly 20 or so. My poems written count during the nearly three years I have been on Livejournal is closer to 110. Among the 130 resulting poems, the "keeper" count is probably about 10. One disadvantage of being without talent or craft is that it takes a lot of effort to make a keeper.

I think lately about doing things for blood or doing things for fun. I practice law for a living, do it well, and take it quite seriously. I play chess for fun, play at a level stronger than 85% of the "serious" chessplayers, and yet am not at all any "good" when compared to "real" players. I write poetry and the rare legal writing paragraph, and I am not at all good. I play musical instruments which
a child could play, and record myself acting silly. I like that I figure out ways to interest and entertain myself, but I wonder sometimes if I should do more things of serious worth. Yet sometimes I wonder if I don't misdefine what is "sport" and what is "blood". You know, blood is that stuff that courses through your veins, that stuff that really matters. How often do I evaluate what matters by things as silly as money or notice or other inessentials? Why not apply my own sense of right and wrong to these things? The labels are not so easy--sometimes the fun makes the blood flow.
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