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it's all on the counter....

3 very interesting things in the mail today...

the Forrest Fang CD, Gongland, for which I've been waiting with bated breath

a postcardx letter from some nameless person writing from a po box in kansas, sending me a bundle of cool stuff, quotes, pix, random neatness, and

a fulfillment of a book exchange from nacowafer which
is simply delightful, worthy of praise beyond my limited skills, though for the life of me I wish I had made a book one/one thousandth as nice as the one I got in perhaps my "art", not surprisingly, does have "judgment" after all....but like a good Vulcan, I'll pretend I've evolved beyond it....

I mailed payment off for the pivotal third electric football field today. That project will be done by the end of July, I'm guessing.
I have so many postcards to decorate for postcardx.
Also, I need to make some gift boxes to reciprocate for a few things I've gotten. I have a good eye for the absurd and fun, which is my constant comfort, so this gift business may be fun.

Gloriously cool day today, after last night's rains. Book up on ebay again, work quite busy, company bidded a fond goodbye, and all's now right with the world.

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