Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cold Thursday

I am at home checking e-mail before heading to my office. I read an e mail from a staff person indicating that our office temperature has descended to 56 degrees. The outside temperature is roughly 24, so it's some amelioration, but it's not the 70 degrees, give or take a few, that I prefer for my office ambience. I hope the building management has sorted this out by the time I get to work. On the other hand, my wife will have to call her family tonight to see if they have power in the ice storm in Kansas City, so things could be worse.

I have the local bar association meeting tonight, which I will attend if my cold does not worsen. We'll gather at the little local country club meeting room, eat small filet mignons, and listen to judges speak about probate law. My life has a set-piece quality sometimes.

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