Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Today's paragraph

Today I found myself inspired by other folks on LiveJournal who sensibly increased their calorie burn until it exceeded their calorie intake, resulting in random and assorted health benefits. I surfed website citations to let me determine how to behave in a similar fashion. I enjoyed being able to work out of my 2005 work calendar, and not being required to work out of the 2004 and 2005 calendar simultaneously. I used cough drops when appropriate, and considered quoting "I Wanna Be Sedated" in a weblog post. I enjoy that holiday cards keep trickling in, as if the holiday is an artesian well.I won an eBay auction for a strumstick, but the purchase price is so low that I suspect there must be a catch. I strum my life on catches. I reveled in kindnesses paid to me by folks who have done kind things for me recently, which I much appreciate. I thought of the way that rain in January in California falls in huge drops without much in the way of thunder or lightning, and how rain in Texas in January requires a bit more sturm und drang. This is a very busy work time for me, but I am thankful for busy times. I thought to myself that I am not very avant garde in my reading tastes, and that my talents run more to synthesis and envisioning forests for all the trees than to creative things. When I was a boy, I loved to play with a woodburning kit, and smell the balsa-burn wonder while the point seared downward, in an almost spongy way. I read a book review of a book about Clyde Barrow and Pretty Boy Floyd. I listened to AM radio call-in folks call in and rail about side issues beyond the point in the current apocalypse. I watched a television show focus on affairs celebrities had with one another. I tried in my head to work out a chronology of third Stooges. I wished I had a scanner that could scan my 1976 photo from my senior year of high school, when I wore a sky-blue leisure suit. I made arrangements to go to Claremont, California next week for a work matter, a place I like but have not been able to visit in a couple of years. I thought about more legal seminars I need to do, logging into them with my computer. I looked up the calories for a fried chicken liver. I thought about crookneck squash. I want to visit Butchart Gardens in British Columbia. I want to lay down by clear waters and restore my soul. I noticed that a court rule in California changed a deadline from "21 calendar days" to "16 court days", and had to get out my calendar to count out the difference by hand. I saw a woman on Fox TV do a reality show about meeting her real dad. I want to re-read all the Oz books. I do not believe that everybody loves Raymond. I thought about how I wish to visit Zacatecas, in Mexico, and how I need baroque structures nearby soon. I thought about how I let someone down. I thought about the Pan-Pacific Hotel in Victoria, BC, where I had the best seafood meal of my life not involving deep-fried catfish. I once struck a match, and the flame leaped from the match, ran across the tile floor, and snuffed itself out in a sibling's pajama leg. It's almost time to write something creative again.
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