Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

All the world's wisdom, for four dollars

Today I took the full day off. My wife had to work, so that I had the day to myself.
I watched a good bit of a movie I like, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in "Dark Passage". I'm always intrigued by how self-possessed Bacall could be when in character during movies made while she was in her youngish twenties.

I loaded up a sack full of books from my book shelf, and drove them to our local used bookstore chain, Half-Priced Books, over in Frisco. The parking lot was full of cars in the little shopping center. I had chosen really great books, to see what the bookstore would pay--1st Ladies Detective Agency mysteries and a World War Two book. I find that used bookstores love to stock war tomes.

I had been set wise to the program that they paid very little for used books. I wandered the store, shopping, wondering how little the bookstore would offer me for what I must admit were near mint, popular paperbacks. I speculated, "maybe five dollars, maybe ten dollars". When the public address system summoned me to the "buy" desk, the offer was a mere four dollars. "I'll take it!", I said, as if I were enthusiastic about it. I applied it towards the purchase of a single book, about the Fianchetto systems of the Gruenfeld Defense. As with so many systems, the lines sounded far too complex for my taste, and not nearly boring enough for me to employ in best play. But 12 books out, 1 book in, this is how I wish to live.

I had an Indian buffet for lunch, and enjoyed the tandoori chicken and the naan.
I came home and relaxed, taking the time to get my car a bit ready for our road trip to Arkansas tomorrow. We go in a moment to eat Korean food with my brother and his wife. Then an early night, as we want to make an early start tomorrow.

2004. Curious year. On to 2005.
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