Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Old Fashioned New Year's Resolution List

I've tried my term of hipness. I've set it all aside. Said "I need no resolutions, just vague good will and pride". But the year passed without progress, in the way years often do. So this year I'm setting up resolutions, like colorful animals in a zoo. Would you like to view my menagerie?

1. Be kinder to spouse and family
2. Volunteer fifty more hours to charity or pro bono legal work
3. Lose 12 pounds
4. de-clutter my spare room
5. keep my car on its current well-maintained agenda
6. increase my billable hour output by 96 hours
7. self-publish another book
8. submit poetry for potential publication to 20 potential outlets for publication
9. enter 3 poetry contests
10. play in four rated chess tournaments, including one to which I take my chess playing nephew
11. set up a more formal Feeder Guppy Rescue League and give away aquaria to schools
12. set up indoor plants in my spare room under hip fluorescent lights
13. reduce my book inventory dramatically
14. learn five new songs on the mountain dulcimer
15. take my fishing nephews on a cool fishing trip
16. take a great vacation with my wife to someplace we'll both enjoy
17. exercise four times a week
18. get my bicycle tires fixed up and take at least 10 rides
19. write 150 poems
20. write 2 short stories
21. continue to livejournal
22. pare down possessions, using eBay when fun to sell things off
23. donate at least five hundred dollars more to charity
24. go on a hiking trip with my friend G.
25. send a holiday card to all relatives and friends
26. create a more extensive work holiday card list
27. pay the 14 dollar and change fine I keep forgetting to pay at the libary
28. host a family picnic for the local relatives
29. hunt diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds
30. hike Trinity Trail from the Brockdale trailhead to Collin Park and back again, at least twice
31. Learn how to really use my digital camera
32. write at least 10 real paper letters to people
33. read Swann's Way
34. attend two poetry readings
35. attend more church services
36. fish in three lakes in rural Oklahoma
37. fish in the Park Hill Prairie ponds twice
38. Go swimmming at least 20 times at the natatorium
39. utter fewer discouraging words
40. help set up 2 non-profits
41. submit to four mail art shows
42. actually generate the long-past-due documentation on the mail poetry deal
43. plant marigolds in May
44. go deep sea fishing
45. visit three public gardens
46. set up a terrarium
47. go on a 30 mile bike ride
48. take pictures of wildflowers
49. watch a meteor shower
50. visit a planetarium

That's fifty things to try next year--all modest, all workable. Ready, set, go!
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