Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Frame your documentary (a low tech poll)

Last night I watched a movie by an independent director who finally got enough studio credibility to attract financing for moderate budget films, only to be confronted with his own personal excess. I liked the movie, though I've seen it far too many times, but it was a cautionary tale of the difficulty that arises when you get what you want, and it turns out not to be as cool as the thing you had.

Today, though, I am running a low tech poll. Let me frame the scene. The aunt you never knew you had has just died. She's left you the following bequest:
a. a 35 mm. camera;
b. 100,000 dollars;
c. prepaid services at a film lab and editing facility.

Her bequest has one condition, though. You must spend the money to make a 120 minute documentary on a subject that matters to you. You must select something that fascinates you, and bring it to the world on film.

What is your movie about? Tell me some details about what you wish to document.
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