Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

apologies and new years

Today I awoke, much improved after a weekend of resting to try to quell illness. I am down to a trace of weariness and a trace of a cough, and I hope this is merely the last hurrah of this trace of illness. I noticed that in early 2003 I had a strikingly similar situation during a winter storm time, which makes me wonder if weather changes weigh into these things for me.

Tomorrow I take a quick one-day business trip, and then work in my office on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, I take the weekend off.

I'm continuing my "year end introspection", which inventory began just before Christmas and continues sporadically now that Christmas has passed. Sometimes this is a bit like that step about making a list of the people I've harmed (only I substitute "offended" or "wronged") and trying to make amends. But sometimes the best amends one can make are to just stop trying. I am intrigued, though, with the idea of writing a post to all the people on my friends' list, just apologizing for something, anything, including the things I ought to apologize for. I think I am good at being sorry, but I am not sure sorry should be a state of being. The apologies in my head all sound so feeble: "sorry I questioned the virtue of your particular form of agitprop" or "sorry I completely misunderstand you so often and show my ignorance so non-winningly", but if I work on it, I sense some potential for humor there.

Today I ate turkey at the Furr's Cafeteria. Last night I ate a ham a client had given us. Perhaps soon I'll eat duck, and have the whole holiday experience all captured in one space.
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