Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Snowed under and ill, but cheerful

This morning I awoke late, because I am still quite under the weather. I took a quick bath, but in my weariness forgot to shave. This gave me a charming grizzled look all day long. I don't grow facial hair quickly or abundantly. But random sprigs of misplaced fuzz appear, giving me that delightful look of someone not quite stylishly hairy, but definitely a bit fuzzed. I remember once a son of a colleague answered the door at a Christmas Party when I had let my sideburns get too long, years ago. He ran to his father and said "Dad! It's Elvis!". I fear he meant Vegas Elvis.

I had so much work to do that I could not forego the pleasures of the office. But I found myself endlessly sneezing, with unfortunate effect, combined with the changes in air dryness that tend to make my nose bleed. I was quite a sight, but hardly one for sore eyes. My eyes weren't sore, though, and I'll count my blessings where I find them.

At ten, a delightful snow began, replacing the ominous first appearances of sleet. This was only our second snow of the year, and the first since Valetine's Day. It was supposed to fall and melt, but we have a delightful accumulation instead. I got so much done at work today, and everyone was particularly kind among both friend and opposing counsel.

I worked until 6ish, and then started the drive home. I live a long way from my work, but I can drive up Jupiter Road, a sedate, never-iced road. Sadly, though, many folks seeking to avoid the freeway had hopped onto Jupiter, and they were getting into fender benders and the like. I wish, with hindsight, that I had missed the thrill of ambulance lights and bumper to bumper slow traffic by taking the rural route through Wiley. Tomorrow morning that will be my route.

I had no troubles, though, other than a slip-sliding on a bridge. The snow should melt tomorrow afternoon--we don't get long-lasting snow here. We're to drive to Arkansas tomorrow, but I am worried about my health. I don't want to take anything contagious around my parents. I'll see how the cards play.
We had already decided to stay in a motel in Arkansas to relieve the burden on my folks of having us (and to give us and nieces and nephews a shot at the indoor swim pool at the particular motel). So maybe it will be fine.

I stopped by the Cinemark theater to pick up some movie gift cards for our employees. My wife had already arrived home, and heated up cheese on toast and tomato soup. Now for a nice rest, and one more day of work before the long weekend.

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