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Finding Things

We took Bella to the playground and watched her slide and slide. I love kids. I love that we don't have any. I love to have kids over in one and two and three day bursts. There's something about the sight of a 2 year old's face when cruising down the "big slide" that gets me everytime. There's something about the sight of a 2 year old melting down from fatigue that also gets me every time.

I need a haircut, so I headed over to my usual place.
When it proved closed for the holiday, I noticed that Goodwill across the street was open. I found a dual cassette Montgomery Ward recording deck. This is a find more precious than frankincense and myrhh, and certainly worth more to me than the 13 dollars I paid for it. I have won 3 electric football fields at ebay auction, my friend scottm has agreed to let me record on his 4 track, and I can also record myself on cheap lowest fi equipment. I am, in sort, "set". I don't know what I am "set for", but I'm fixin' to use my set to aim for game and match.

I am still not sure why I bought the 3 dollar curiously well done needlework in the really tacky frame, but some inner Voice (we call that voice "Delusion") tells me that some really cool mail art or ebay project is going to result therefrom.

At dinner tonight, with my wife and good friends,
talking about things that matter with people that matter, I felt connected and rested. This has been a long "long weekend". I am ready to plunge into a stressful week of work.

Just a week after my post about Nebraska being an ideal vacation place because nobody goes there, my wife reminds me that in two weeks, she is scheduled to go visit her friend S.'s farm in rural Nebraska. Do I work in a world of marvellous coincidence, or am I just oblivious? I believe both, and neither. But this "pleasing ambiguity" may just be inconsistency disguised as ineffability.

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