Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

before the ice storm that may not come

When the end of the afternoon came, I had the decision to make. I could either attend Handel's Messiah or I could go home and sleep. I decided to go home and sleep. As I drove home, the sheer weariness affirmed my decision. I settled into bed with the television beginning to play some football game involving Miami and New England.
When I next awoke, the game was in its closing minutes. Even later, my wife arrived home from seeing the Messiah with our friends. She was exhausted.

I got up to address the last of the cards and packages. They are all done now but a couple, which I will finish tomorrow. It's fun to notice how my friends' list folks are all over the world. It's dismaying that some addresses I should have from the past, like relatives or LJ folks with whom I sometimes correspond, I don't keep
up with as well as I should. I must start a new computer rolodex. I am sending cards to some relatives, but I need a distant relatives master list. I'm getting too old to lose touch. I have depended on other folks to keep up with that sort of thing, but now I begin to realize it is time I kept up with it myself.

The weather changes so quickly this week. Tonight was warm and bone dry--I get nose bleeds in this dry weather. The blistering cold front is almost to the panhandle.
We may have sleet this week, but the weather is much less predictable this time of year than other times. I liked Los Angeles, by the way, because the weather hangs just off the coast, waiting to come ashore. The weatherperson could be right nearly 100 percent of the time.

I really want this cold to be done by the weekend, as I don't want to be ill when I go home. I'm pretty resilient, usually, so long as I get the rest. I'm a bit down, as I am wont to be when I am ill, but I recognize it's the transitory "not feeling well" down.

Tomorrow will be another busy day, but if I slay the right dragons, the rest of the week will go like clockwork.

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