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Silver with black lettering

Today a UPS box arrived containing the following:

I packaged up the first 18, and took them to the post office. The postage was overall surprisingly reasonable. I came back to my office and packaged another set. I have some more to go to be done with the project. Of course, for my Australian and Canadian friends, it may be more a January card than a December holidays card and CD, but I'm glad to get it done. While the ones I packaged last night enclosed paperback books and similar sundries to satisfy my "de-clutter" goal, the later mailings are
going to be card and CD only, to satisfy my "don't spend hours figuring out what to send" goal.

I'm making great work progress, too, at least until this lunch break, and now I'll plunge in and make more work progress.

I listened to the fruit of my endeavors in the car on the way to mail. It deserves the legend "Best Played with the Mute Button On". I love the way that conversion to CD is kinda like Dolby noise reduction, so that the result is pleasingly quieter and weirder than the original. It still amazes me, though, how the sound/noise levels can get out of hand even on a small portable cassette player.
Ah, fidelity, I name thee virtue.

But now back to work.
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