Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Oh why? Things I ponder

1. Why school districts still elevate so many coaches to principal?
2. Why would any city would fund any sports stadium absent profit potential?
3. Why small cities don't use chamber quartets instead of under-funded symphonies?
4. Why the House of Nickels went bankrupt, depriving me of nickel video games?
5. Why do some restaurants serve steaks that are round (as opposed to round steak)?
6. Why have I managed to avoid the malls entirely this holiday season?
7. Why did I wake up with a scratchy throat?
8. Why am I at least 400 rating points weaker at blitz chess than real chess?
9. Why are there still butterflies on December days?
10. Why have I not gone to see the George Stubbs horse painting exhibition?
11. Why can't I come up with anything for a Christmas list?
12. Why do some people confuse freecycling with "making profit off others by getting their free stuff with sob stories"?
13. Why do I judge what people do when they write messages seeking free stuff from people donating free stuff?
14. Why don't I do more to help other people?
15. Why don't I have a smoked turkey leg heating up now?
16. Why can't dogs have 70 year life spans?
17. Why does perfect winter fishing weather come when I already have plans?
18. Why do I love this time of year so much?
19. Why do I wish I could write music like Morricone?
20. Why am I not baking gingerbread?
21. Why not enjoy a little gourmet honey once in a while?
22. Why a honey bear?
23. Why not a honey aardvark?
24. Why do I ever let the channel come to rest on Fox News?
25. Why do I never go to Galveston?
26. Why am I bad at planning vacations?
27. Why don't I read up more on technical things?
28. Why am I secretly pleased that bunnies ate all our front yard flowers?
29. Why won't our two native Texas trees grow more than an inch a year, as it costs me some "we should plant this" credibility as we watch neighbor trees soar?
30. Why can I already see that there will come a day when I will have seen the Buffy re-runs too often?
31. Why isn't Veronica Mars a hit?
32. Why did they program Veronica Mars and House against one another?
33. Why remake Flight of the Phoenix and not The Mouse that Roared?
34. Why not remake Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Vin Diesel in the lead?
35. Why can't the number 2 DA on Law & Order be an overweight geeky guy from Buffalo law school?
36. Why don't I play in more chess tournaments?
37. Why exactly did I buy that huge box of vintage music books?
38. Why don't I learn more Christmas songs on the autoharp and dulcimer?
39. Why do I love kazoo music so?
40. Why have I been so fortunate?
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