Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

some do, some do not

Today I finished with one work assignment, and made in-roads on next week's big deadline.
I love that feeling when I am drenched in a complex set of issues, bathing in the ideas and notions as if they were so many pleasant material things in a virtual reality I inhabit. Not a hedonistic pleasure, but an abstraction made flesh, a kind of word that dwells within me.

While I was drafting documents and the tintinabulation of the telephone (I live a life of rings and dings), I got an e mail from Jessie with the sound repro folks in Austin, enclosing a pdf of the print on the CD. I noted that the only thing wrong was a missing "n" in the middle of my surname. I rocketed Jessie back the answer, and Jessie had it redone within an hour or two. Then Jake, the account representative, told me that the CDs would ship on Friday and arrive on Monday.

As I recorded the thing on December 6, I am pleased to have it duplicated within two weeks, at a reasonable price. All thirty songs fit on the CD, although the authors' names did not. This may pose a problem, because people hearing my "Silent Night" may worry if it is *really* Franz Gruber's version, and be unable to tell via ear alone whether that classic song was what I intended, as opposed to, say, midnight at a hydraulic factory or seventh grade tuba night. Still, a CD has only so much space, and inserts seemed a bit silly for such a silly project.

I decided that I will ask for something that will let me record straight to digital or CD. No more analog to digital for me, if I can learn something better. The cost of conversion is a hassle, not to mention a sound fidelity loss. I forgot to ask the sound folks to put the legend on the CD: "Best played with the Mute Button On for Maximum Holiday Cheer". I wish I knew more generic holiday songs without affiliations or religious references.

We watched Patrick Stewart's Christmas Carol last night, which was quite enjoyable. It has a number of things from the book not always placed into other versions. I must re-read that book, which I have not read in years.

I also have the personal theory that I am less than perfect now because it has been a good while since I have re-read "Lord of the Rings". Last night I scanned bits of "A Man Could Stand Up", one of the Ford Madox Ford "Parade's End". I think of all the learned texts I read while in law school, I learned the most from "Parade's End". I'm still struck by the idea of Christopher Tietjens, the perfect Tory gentleman, watching civilization decay.

I love to re-read series of novels. I am due for CP Snow's "Strangers and Brothers". I love so many characters in that set of books. It's so hard now to find wonderful middle-brow well-plotted material. Everything is reduced to thrills and superficial humour. There's something to be said for a book which does not pretend to blaze the newest trail, but just treads wisely through the brambles, providing an entertainment.

I love that so many of my weblog friends are out doing interesting things--having children, getting advanced degrees, falling in love. But I find that I also think as much about the folks who are fighting the anger demon or dealing with despair. It's all a tapestry, this living, but who can see all the patterns? It's a bit like that Charles Williams novel in which all of life is constantly moving figures in the Tarot.

I must visit toy stores and give to Toys for Tots soon.

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