Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

up on the rooftop, quick quick quick, and other absurd dilemmae

Today I mailed the cassette down to Austin for duplication onto CD. Jake at the duplicating company guided me as to the forms I needed to fill out. I had to make an extensive set of promises and premises to get this darn thing to the lab. Barring the unforeseen, I should be filled with holiday CD cheer by early next week at the latest. I hope I don't run into any unforeseen snags, such as the 30 songs having titles too long to fit on the disk or some such. I tend to assume unforeseen snags, though, so that they do not upset me very much.

The result, I hope, is the aural equivalent of singing Christmas carols, done with sufficient lack of talent as to be palatable even to those who do not celebrate or
even enjoy Christmas. It's not quite dogs barking "Jingle Bells", but you get the idea.

Now the acid test: will it arrive by Saturday, so that I can mail all at once, or will it arrive later, so that I send out cards first, and CD later? Thanks to the many folks out there who signed up to receive one, a post or three back. That makes it more fun for me.
I wish I had put some electric football fields, and perhaps a Waring blender, on the tape.
But a man with a kazoo's gotta do what a man with a kazoo's gotta do, although this sentence sounds like some unduly suggestive blues song, and hence is meant in only the most musical way. I wish I played the didge more like a didge and less like a commercial for European cough medicine.
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