Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

warm December Sunday

This morning I replaced the print cartridge on my home computer, and designed this year's holiday card. The words were the work of a moment, but the formatting took a while. Then I took it to Staples, where the kindest 20something woman at the copy center helped me assemble the front and back of the card into a pristine bit of gurdonarkian fun.

I picked up the many copies today. I also priced local options for CD duplication, and determined that my mail-order resources are much less expensive than the local copy shops. I might learn to burn them myself, but I like that the mail order deals print onto the CD-R.

I'm pleased with the way the holiday cards came out, and will be eager to mail them as soon as I
get the CDs duplicated. I flirted with editing the musical presentation, as the first few songs, being reminiscent of mournful whale songs rather than holiday cheer, are outdone by the brighter renditions later in the work. Further, the vocals, always lamentable, are on some songs barely audible. But I think to myself: "are you in this for the talent, or are you in this for the fun?". The uncut fun CD will got out in its awful, baleful entirety when I get it copied.

In the meantime, as I have more than enough cards, I query:

Poll #402129 Sheer Exuberance, redux

If you failed to sign up for a holiday card, which may (or may not) come with a CD of awful renditions of holiday songs and perhaps even a well-used whimsically selected paperback book, and wish to do so, this is a chance for you to do so without my having to scroll back and copy the earlier poll's URL. Don't worry about reciprocation, recidivism or recipes for sugar cookies. Treat this as a genuine slice and bake opportunity for the mundane and silly in everyone. If you've already signed up, you're already on the list, and need worry no more than a gerbil in a field of sunflowers in full seed, your wish for a card is already my pleasure to grant. Name, addy, all that, and don't feel badly if you prefer to give a work or other address, to shelter your personal private Idaho.

The weather today was simply wonderful, so we took our younger dog for a neighborhood walk. I love that Texas December can be so temperate. I have a busy week ahead, but somehow I feel entirely rested and up to it.
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