Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Simple rules and complex harmonies

On the way to my office, I stopped in the Guatelamalan bakery, for a few bread-y morning things. I also picked up the Dallas Observer. I skipped by the headlines (turns out, by the way, that suburban commuters trains are slower than driving, the trains have not made Dallas into Toronto, and religious charlatans still take money from people) to the classified ads. I found what I was looking for.

Today I made it to my office a bit after 11. I drafted some things I needed to draft, and got one "out the door" via e mail. As I revised yet another document, I placed into the
cassette player my recently-recorded awful cassette of Christmas classics. It had that certain "I cannot say what" to which I aspired, although as with most of my creative output I fear that I will be much more amused than any other audience.

I follow a simple rule about small businesses on line. I sent them e mails to make sure they are still in business, prior to sending them a CD to duplicate or similar thing. My Monday e mail to the folks who duplicated my "Vibrating Electric Fields" CD, checking to make sure they were still up and running, went unanswered. I used the Dallas Observer classfieds to hunt out other prospects. I found a place in Austin, Texas who sounded like just the ticket, and whose pricing was sufficiently modest to make the whole thing workable.
I fired them off an e-mail, because kazoos played off key at Christmas cannot be denied. Mitigated? Perhaps. But never denied. Best played at low volumes, with ears protected by plugs.

I got a kind note from an eBay buyer. I had found myself behind a few days getting a sci fi book sale mailed. Yesterday I got a rather vigorous e mail, fretting about it. One refund and one mailing later, the buyer was in a different state of mind. Sometimes accepting responsibility prompts acceptance of responsibility.

Now I'm off to Federal Express, and then to take a long walk through a wetlands trail.
I'm tempted to take photographs, although I have too many cameras full of photos already.
Maybe the pinhole which is my mind will say "snap", but that phrase reads all wrong somehow.

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