Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cold hard freeze

Sunday night I felt a drop of stone-cold rain on my arm as I reached to grasp the cardboard parking ticket that granted me airport entry. I shivered, a bit, as if winter had begun. I finished Robert Moore's "between the wars" English provincial novel, and then settled in to finish Beryl Satter's "Each Mind a Kingdom", a survey of women's contributions to the early New Thought movement.

San Francisco proved seasonably cool when I landed, near midnight, but I did not tarry to ponder standing in the cold as I had places to stand other than the cold.
Monday morning found me exiting at Colma station, standing near the unseen cemetaries as I worked out a distant legal matter by cell phone. Then I had a lengthy meeting in the city, followed by a long set of flights back to Dallas.

I finished the Satter book on the plane, and found it completely invigorating. I disageed with roughly 1/3rd of the author's assertions, but found them all asserted con brio, which is, to me, sometimes more fun than piannissimo.

Today work pulled me hither and thither, but I got home in time for "House" and "NYPD Blue", as well as a late-night quest for a California MCLE hour in "Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession". Our Mandatory Continuing Legal Education in California requires courses in "just say no" and in "you can't say that", not to mention "don't worry, be happy" and "try to organize your calendar once in a great long while". Although the last elimination of bias seminar I took, a few years ago, seemed almost like a Saturday Night Live parody of "political correctness", this one was stark and simple and effective and useful. The reality is that my profession has far to go to eliminate ethnic, orientation and gender bias from its ranks, and that, in particular, the most powerful and economically secure law firms have the furthest to go. It brought out the activist in me, or as much activist as I achieve at midnight after listening to a legal seminar on-line.

Tonight is our first winter freeze this winter. Our containers full of pansies will probably pull through. Our front yard full of pansys and violas look rabbit-bitten.
I don't begrudge the rabbits their chow. I wish I had had non-fat rocky road frozen yogurt tonight. I'm quietly glad the ice hockey season got canceled. They had snow in Amarillo. I used to live in Amarillo, but I was only one. I'll bet it snowed then, too. We had snow this year on Valentine's Day. What can solve the problems of the heart so well as snowflakes seen falling through streetlamp glow?
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