Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

weighty matters

A kind soul who contacted me through Craig's List sold me a 45 gallon and a 30 gallon aquarium today. She and her significant other brought them over. I was just going outside to help carry the large one in, when the 20something young man came up, toting the aquarium. The aquarium had gravel and an ornamental rock in it, as well as filtration and other material. I told him he was a strong man, and asked him to put it in my front hall, and that I would take it upstairs later.

The larger aquarium came with filtration, while the smaller aquarium had a full hood with lighting. I took an unusual for me step and slightly upped her asking price, as she was kind enough to sell both to me quite inexpensively, and I did not want to underpay. I had to go to the bank machine to get enough to pay for the second tank, which I had not expected to receive. They patiently drove behind me to a few blocks to the bank machine. The seller, a cute blonde "very Texas" girl kindly offered to give me advice on set-up if I needed it. I like that folks in our area frequently exhibit this kind of friendliness.

I sit now at my computer after taking the 45 gallon tank upstairs. Although fish tanks by themselves are not heavy, this particular tank, filled with gravel and plastic plants, weighed too much for me to carry up by myself. I pride myself on a physical strength surprising in one so very "reads books" looking. I still chuckle, to digress, at the thought of the the woman during my 20something single days I met in a dance place who offered to give me "constructive advice" She then volunteered that I was too "intellectual-looking" in my spectacles, as if she were regretting to tell me I had leprosy. Now that I think about it, perhaps I was a social leper, so who knows? I've never worried too much about my looks.

I finally edge-hoisted the large tank up my stairs, step by step. That young man who carried it into my house must have taken the Charles Atlas course. I'm thrilled to have a huge fish tank, as all my prior ones have been small. Now I must buy a huge fishtank stand, and it's guppy time at last. Then I begin the giveaway program for the small tanks. I'll offer them to schools, and if they don't work there, I'll freecycle them out to families who want to get their children guppy-addicted.

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