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"She's got soul but I don't know. Every girl I know has gotta lot of soul".--old dB's song

Today I took a pair of dress shoes to the shoe repair place I found via the internet, which was located just five blocks from me. Dress shoe soles always fail for me in exactly the same place, a product of my reclining in chairs using neither heel nor toe but sole. I burn the same hole in each shoe sole.

The man behind the counter had hair that was vaguely dreadlocked, but dreadlocked in more of a "former Texas A & M player" look than in a "Lost Rastafarian hunts for Zion" kind of look. He sized up my shoe situation, and pointed out that I had had these shoes re-soled once before. I had forgotten, and told him so. He said that a lot of life was left in those shoes--they just needed some soul.

I plunked down twenty dollars, one half of the going rate for salvation nowadays. He asked me when I wanted to pick them up. I said "when would be reasonable?". He said "Thursday would be reasonable". I felt a bit sheepish, because I had hoped he would say "Tuesday would be reasonable", and asked if I could have them in time for my trip. He graciously agreed.

Today was a practical day, filled with impractical little subparts. One impractical subplot was when I loaded all the dress shirts and other gentle things into a trash bag for the dry cleaners. Then I accidentally put it out for today's garbage pickup, mistakenly believing it was the sack of disposable things from my art room. I turned around and sorted things out once common sense returned to me. I took the dry cleaning to the dry cleaners. They have a drive-up window, and they locate my name according to my telephone number. I wonder if they'll be able to do anything about the blood on one of my shirts, or the food stain on another. Life is such a messy thing sometimes.

My eBay auction of Haydn compositions did not net any bidder, although I wrote a charming ad. I suppose the shortcut "one day ad" is not always the best way to go. Maybe I'll freecycle some of these piano books I got. I freecycled a cheap plastic chess set, and I have several people sending me charming e mails asking for it. Maybe it's like a Gideon Bible--the best way to spread the chess message is to give away sets.

I listened to a legal seminar on-line about how to exempt property from bankruptcy estates, and watched the Dallas Cowboys fail to live up to expectations for the 9th out of 9 games. I watched a show about speed dating in Miami. Ben Stein took his own money by answering quiz questions. Our younger lhasa went into the backyard and let out a caterwaul, alerting us to some intruder we could not see or hear.

I used to go to a shoe store in the San Fernando Valley. The store did fittings for walking and running shoes. They made elaborate measurements, and applied arcane tests to determine the precisely correct shoe fit. Shoes, it turns out, have not only art and science, but also something indefinable about their fit. Personally, I believe that no crisis in life cannot be solved with a pair of purple Converse rejects laced with gold laces. But I will never gain admittance into Arcadia if I admit that I think a shoe is a shoe is a shoe.

I plan to take workout stuff on the road this week. Sometimes I think I need a little gym time. I'll wear my New Balance shoes, because I think that wearing white shoes is a mark of virtue.

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