Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Ten Things

1. I got an e mail response to my craigslist aquarium ad, offering me a large aquarium at a very reasonable price. Now it's time to begin the more difficult task--finding schools which want to receive used aquariums. This is a marketing task--even giving things away involves an element of sales. In the back of my mind, I think that what I need is letterhead for my new venture. I'll have to see whether I am capable of drawing a guppy. My skills usually run more in the simple flower line.

2. I want to rearrange my spare ("art") room so that it does not look so much like a spare room for storage of junk. Maybe I'll design it into something very James Bond.

3. I have two days of work before I travel. I mildly dislike being on the road for three days in a single week, but sometimes it has to be done. I remember when I used to be on the road for four or five days in a single week lots of weeks in a year, which was much more challenging.

4. I am bored of hand-wringing and gloating regarding the recent elections.

5. I got a lot done this weekend, but find myself wishing I had achieved more.

6. I wonder why it is that that little dry-cleaner-net-with-identifying-tag only goes missing when I need to take shirts into the dry cleaner.

7. Why is it that I recall downloading a document, but then it is not in my cabinet for such things?

8. I cannot believe it is mid-November, although the weather here has that crispy cool, rainy feel that tells me that it is mid-November. I have come to fall in love again with the weather here. I did like southern California weather, too.

9. The advent of deer hunting will curtail my hiking a bit for a couple of months.
I have a few places that I can go which are hunter-free, but I'm not much for wearing orange or being mistaken for a 10 point buck.

10. If I were in Los Angeles, I'd take my Zebco 808 reel and Rhino Tough rod to the Chace Park in Marina del Rey, where I'd catch jacksmelt and mackerel using cut frozen squid for bait, and then throw them back to go prowl Santa Monica Bay.

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