Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

selling Haydn by the pound

Today I took a Poul Anderson book I got at a dollar store for a dollar to Akbar, the Indian buffet place, and read over lunch. I notice that I remove my glasses to read even when I am wearing bifocal glasses, so I suppose I must visit the optometrist again. I ate too much at the buffet, which I usually pride myself on not doing. Perhaps I should have followed my intuition, and gone to Shady Oaks barbecue instead.

I have been luxuriating in my new watch. My regular watch had its watch band wear away, a customary casualty for me, given that I sometimes perspire with the glistening aura of the virtuous. Rather to go to Target to get a new band, I stopped in a Dollar General yesterday. "Do you have any watches?", I asked. "Only those there.", the woman nodded and pointed. Sure enough, there were digital watches for only two dollars. I bought one. It says on it SPORT and "digital watch", which is good, because if you have a memory lapse and you look at your digital watch, it reminds you what it is.

The instructions for the watch were great. The watch only tells time and the month and day of the month, so that the instructions all fit on one side of one piece of paper. Now that's technical writing! The watch does not have a little night light, which is good discipline for watching art films. The watch further says, right on the bottom, "NOT WATER RESISTANT". It's good to know these things.

I went to the movie theater in McKinney, because another aquarium seller was meeting me there to hand over an aquarium. But when I got there, she was not. I decided that she must have meant to go to the theater in Plano, but when I went there, I did not see her there, either. I did see at the McKinney theater more people showing up for sold out movies than at any time in my experience of that theater. The combination of "Polar Express" and "The Incredibles" apparently is proving irresistible.

I worked on a legal seminar and read my book. I posted on eBay a one day auction for
"Twenty Piano Compositions of Franz Joseph Haydn", a music book from 1907 I won in another eBay auction which included some cool things I can strum on my autoharp.
I cannot strum elaborate Haydn piano arrangements on my autoharp. I can play "Born Free" on a can-jo, but that's not the same. I need to restring my can-jo anyway.

I called home to Arkansas, where all the news sounds good. Because my wife works the Friday after Thanksgiving, we will have to leave that Friday afternoon for my parents' home. We'll spend time with my brother's family on the day itself, which should be very nice indeed. But first there is yet another work week and a half. I foresse a busy week ahead, but I'm rested for it.

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