Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

morning speed

Last night I worked somewhat late-ish on an interesting brief. Then I went home and watched an episode of a police drama in which Miami got hit by a tsunami. The plausibility of the crime drama roughly approached that of the "Lord of the Rings" playing on another channel. I would want to be like Galadriel, and pass the test, and recede and go into the West--perhaps Lubbock, or maybe even Alamogordo.

Lately, the news plays scenes from a local bank robbery. As the video shows the robbers using automatic weaponry, a voice-over almost always says "Richardson police were outgunned!", as if it should be a surprise that beat cops don't carry gatling guns. Recently, too, kids seem to want to drag race a good bit, as high speed road racing has a cinematic cachet. A parent and child were killed on I-45 over the weekend, but they don't make movies about what happens when you move life from video games onto freeways.

I'm pleased with myself because I am breaking a pattern I'd gotten into of wasting too much time in the mornings. Today I'll get to work a bit early. I'll also finish off the legal seminar about how to draft jury instructions. The fellow on the audio tape does a pretty good job, but he's so opinionated. I used to speak once in a while at legal seminars, and I worry that I'm opinionated, too.
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