Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

change your thinking, dematerialize your nucleus

We went tonight to see "What the Bleep do We Know?", the film about quantum physics and the meaning of life. I thought it at first a bit Discovery Channel with better effects, but it worked into being unexpected and entertaining. I've been reading Ernest Holmes' 1919 book "Creative Mind", which dovetails so neatly into the themes of the movie. Physics provides so much more poetry and theology than much poetry and theology. I love pondering the unreal unreality of reality, and the way that things are and are not, all at the same time. The notion that one can create one's reality always intrigues. I also enjoy watching any film with Marlee Matlin in it, who always seems to me a very real person on screen and in interviews. My wife and I capped the evening off with dinner at Half Shells, which did a competent salmon monte carlo. Then we stopped into the imported goods place run by two Turkish brothers whom my wife befriended, where I listened to Bob Marley sing "No Woman No Cry" and one brother draped his hand over a velvet Buddha during a discussion of new rugs coming in for the holidays, and the other brother showed my wife a Kazakh ceremonial headband, replete with bright colors and decorations, while I began to browse the shop, electing to go for a Thai bamboo flute, a little ribbon made by African women as a symbol of AIDS awareness, and two wonderful woven Turkish bookmarks which looked like little kilm rugs.
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