Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cyber effort, or the absurd made flesh, dwelling among folks

Today I went to the Dallas version of Craig's List to post an advertisement that I want to purchase used aquarium equipment. I wanted to take a small step to make a daydream come true. My semi-satirical yahoo message board, the Feeder Guppy Rescue League, is devoted to the notion that kids and adults benefit from
hobbies based not on consumerism and elitism, but instead based on simple effort leading to sophisticated thinking.

In order to make this idea begin to be "real", I am embarking on a talked-to-death project to locate rock-bottom-priced fish tanks, filters, stands and air pumps. I am going to assemble a few complete sets. Then I am going to donate the results to rural schools, ordinary kids or other worthy places.
I want to do this as a one-person show--no hassle, no worries, no trouble. My first ad, describing what I am up to, but also that I want to buy not beg for free things, has thus far gotten one response offering some peripherals. I'm optimistic. I want to keep this simple, effective, and make it happen. I am tired of talk.

I also intend to make it my mission to learn more about the grassroots things in my state and county. I want to learn how to argue for textbooks that give full education and not merely abstinence training to high schoolers. I want to learn how to insist that history and science be accurate. I want to be a gadfly for truth, if that's the best contribution I can make.

A childhood friend e mailed me today. I have not seen him in literally 30 years. He lives in Dallas now, has for 23 years. I had no idea. What a fun thing to hear from him again. I'll have to see if I can see him again, after all these years.

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