Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Moving on

I prefer hope to despair. I read some great posts in journals today, pointing out the virtues of hope.
I decline to surrender to the dismay of the moment.

I kept waking up last night, watching returns. It made me very weary today. I'm ready to rest up, work harder, work smarter, and move on forward.

I got a gracious message from someone today, when I expected that the person in question might not be so gracious. I did some business planning for the next few years today, to lift myself from the day to day.

The first chill snap here pulls me into awareness. I do not live my life in regret or remorse. I live optimistically. I find the years threaten to make me a curmudgeon, sometimes. I decline to be intimidated by the threat.

November 3 and forward. Bring it on.
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