Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

35E or Love Field

I already voted by early voting. I hope everyone votes. I decline to further discuss this election, until it ends.

I hit the road yesterday for a quick business trip. I hit the road again today, and my calendar is beginning to fill with other trips. I used to travel all the time, three, four, five days a week.
I'm glad that now this rarely happens. I find that whether one is in London or New York or San Angelo, Texas or Palm Springs or rural West Virginia, conference rooms filled with lawyers look staggeringly the same.

I feel as though I need more rest, though I rested a lot last weekend. I feel as though I need to work harder, though I have worked quite hard lately.

I was glad to speak to my mom last night. She is doing well, although I think it's tiring, sometimes.
I got a welcome e mail from a first cousin, but I must find the time to send a proper reply.

The biggest puzzle in my life these days? The eternal question "two hundred miles--fly or drive?".

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